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Maggie is one of those complex which scares most of the beginners crossfiters so they modified it before doing it. Only the ¬†advanced and elite crossfiters jump in its original mode. For beginning crossfiters we recommend to start with Maggie’s sister – Mary. The “Maggie” co [...]

Diane is one the hardest complex named after a girl which is being used as benchmark test from high number of crossfiters all around the world. The only thing you need in order to do Diane is a bar and a wall. The “Diane” complex consist of : Deadlift with 102 kg (225 pounds) Handstand [ [...]

Lynne is complex named after a girl which every fitness lover should be able to complete because it is consisted of two typical fitness exercises – bench press and pull-ups. That’s why Lynne doesn’t require that much equipment. It is enough to have a bench press and a pull-up bar a [...]