Welcome to CrossFit Team

Hey guys, We are sorry for being out of the for so long …. We hope that you haven’t lose faith in us and you will continue to trust us in your road to the “FIT KINGDOM”. From now we are promising you to upload a WOD every day and at least 1 diet + […] [...]

10 000 is crossfit complex which is designed for American football players. The aim is to lift 10 000 pounds doing one rep with max weight of 3 exercises which for beginners and advanced crossfitters won’t be so easy. They can scale the complex how they think it would be okay for them. The  [...]

Do you know that paleolithic people lived either to average 3 years or 60+ years? That means if they outlived the infant period of life they would survive more than 60 years in the stone age. What is the secret of the long living? Researchers says that it is enough to imitate paleolithic life. Is i [...]



  • 800 m Running

  • 80 reps Squats

  • 8 Muscle-ups

  • As many rounds as possible for 45 minutes