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Have you ever heard of the phrase “Your training is my warm-up” ? Many people who train CrossFit knows what we are talking about and many of them use it to oppose to the one that doesn’t train CrossFit.  Are they right or wrong ? We are leaving that to you to decide. What does [&h [...]

Hortman crossfit complex is named after Captain John Hortman, died in Georgia in accident with helicopter. R.I.P. Captain Hortman ! The “Nicole” complex consist of : 800 m Running 80 reps Squats 8 Muscle-ups The aim of this complex is to do as many as possible rounds for 45 minutes. Wa [...]

Clovis crossfit complex is named after Sgt. Clovis T. Ray, died in Afghanistan while serving his country. All you need to do Clovis complex are Pull-ups bar and running track but you have to be in very good physical form in order to do it. R.I.P. Sgt. Clovis T. Ray ! The “Clovis” complex [...]