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Tumilson is a heroic crossfit complex named after an american soldier which was killed in Afghanistan. In this case we are talking about Officer Jon Tumilson. All you need are a pair of dumbbells and running track. The “Tumilson” complex consist of : 200 m Running 11 reps Dumbbell bur [...]

Murph is named after Lt. Michael Murphy, killed in Afghanistan while serving his country. This is one of his favorite crossfit complexes and he named it “Body armor”, which he was using to stay in good physical shape. The “Murph” complex consist of : 1 mile (1600 m) Running [...]

Rosa is a crossfit girl which doesn’t need any equipment. That makes it easy for you to do it wherever you want to. All you need to do Rosa complex is a wall and a runner tracker. Advanced crossfiters do this complex for 17,5 minutes, the elite one for 11,5 minutes. The “Rosa” com [...]